ABOUT US's Vision: 㽶Ƶ is the voice of the program and construction management industry and the premier resource for professionals working in the built environment.

Our Mission:To promote, support, educate, and develop professionals who lead the delivery of programs and projects within the built environment.

  • Mailing Address: 200 Lawyers Road NW, #1968, Vienna, VA 22183
  • Remittance Address: PO Box 37528, Baltimore, MD 21297-3528

ABOUT US was formed in 1982 to establish standards for managing construction projects. Construction management is rooted in traditional project management practices and also requires a unique body of skills and professional knowledge to perform successfully. 㽶Ƶ is delivery method neutral; seeking to ensure that all professionals are prepared to succeed regardless of the scope, scale, or complexity of any project or program.

Today, 㽶Ƶ has more than 21,000 members including individual professionals, professional service companies, and construction owners in the public and private sectors, as well as academic and associate members. 㽶Ƶ has 30 regional chapters across the country.

ABOUT US is dedicated to career-long education and professional development, beginning with the Construction Manager-in-Training (CMIT) program, continuing to the Certified Associate Construction Manager (CACM), through the Certified Construction Manager (CCM) credential for the most accomplished construction managementpractitioners, and beyond to continuing education for advanced professionals. Moreover, both 㽶Ƶ and ABET are delivery-system neutral, advancing professionalism regardless of specific delivery methods.

ABOUT US is the lead society for accreditation of professional degree programs in construction management by ABET. Working through ABET, 㽶Ƶ is able to make a significant contribution to developing a qualified, professional workforce.

Power of A logoThe Power of A.
㽶Ƶ is one of more than 63,000 associations in the United States. Associations leverage their unique resources to solve problems, advance industry/professional performance, and kickstart innovation. Each year, associations like 㽶Ƶ provide 17% of the formal, work-related education or training taken by Americans making themthe largest provider of workforce development education in the U.S. They account for more than 315,000 meetings annually with 59.5 million in attendance.

For the meetings and hotel industry that’s 1.8 million jobs and $280 billion in direct spending by attendees.

In 2018, 㽶Ƶ:
• Generated an estimated $1.755 million in airfare and lodging in Denver and Las Vegas combined
• Provided nearly 25,000 PDHs offered through national programs, and more than 1,000 offered by 㽶Ƶ regional chapters
• Awarded $100,000 in scholarships through 㽶Ƶ regional chapters
• Contributed to rewriting Louisiana legislation affecting voluntary certification