Becoming a CACM

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The Certified Associate Construction Manager® (CACM) recognizes professionals who have chosen a career in construction management and voluntarily met the prescribed criteria of the construction management certification program with regard to formal education, field experience, and demonstrated capability and understanding of 㽶Ƶ’s Standards of Practice.

CACM Application Handbook

Becoming a CACM

Before beginning the process, CMCI strongly recommends you first watch the to determine whether the CACM is appropriate for you and if you are on track to become eligible.

If you have determined the CACM is right for you, applicants are required to read the Application Handbook to learn about how to achieve the CACM.

How does the CACM Program Work?

The CACM application is available online. Applicants must provide contact information for references who can verify the experience listed in the application. Once the references verify that the applicant meets the requirements, that candidate is approved to take the CACM exam. The candidate may then schedule to take the test on their own personal computer or in person at an approved test center. (Note: the examination software is not compatible with government computers, tablets, or phones.)

Eligibility Options:

CACM Eligibility Chart

*Experience in each of the functional practice areas of CM is defined as time spent working in that professional discipline. For more on responsible-in-charge (RIC), please see the CCM Application Handbook.

Have a question about completing the CACM application? View our step-by-step .

Certification Program Fees:

ABOUT US Member Non-Member
Certification $290 $390
Exam Registration $240 $240
Exam Retake Fee $140 $140
Recertification $165 $165
Reinstatement Fee $140 $140
Duplicate Certificate Fee $15 $15

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Recommendations for CACM Exam Preparation

When it comes to your preferred study method for an exam, the following recommendations, while not exclusive CACM test preparation strategies, are all rooted in 㽶Ƶ's Body of Knowledge and align with the Standards of Practice.

  • CACM Study Guide: To kickstart your preparation and gain insights into what and how to study, the CACM Study Guide is an excellent resource. It offers valuable tips for crafting a study plan, provides domain summaries and a glossary, and offers practice questions complete with answers and references. (Note: The CACM Study Guide is included with CCM Build Up registration.)
  • Self-paced Learning: If you prefer studying at your own pace, consider enrolling in the Online Professional Construction Management (PCM) Course. This option is a comprehensive, self-paced, eLearning course that is accessible to you for 28 days.
  • Structured Instruction: For those who thrive in a structured, instructor-led environment, explore the Professional Construction Management (PCM) Course options. Both virtual and in-person classes are available.

    "Industry-wide, 㽶Ƶ’s Professional CM Course is an invaluable program for all CMs, particularly those pursuing the CCM and CACM. This course equips participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience required for effective daily management work." - Bill Collins, CCM, Virginia Department of Transportation.
  • Avid Readers: If you enjoy reading, consider purchasing and reviewing the Construction Management Standards of Practice. This publication defines the range of services that constitute professional construction management and serves as an indispensable guide for owners and service providers.

For additional information on the CACM Exam and further insights into how to prepare, please refer to the CACM Application Handbook. It will provide you with comprehensive details to ensure you're well-prepared for your certification journey.

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