Construction Manager-in-Training Level 4

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The Construction Manager-in-Training Level 4 (CMIT® L4) designation is an extension of the CMIT certificate, which recognizes professionals who are invested in the construction management industry and their own professional development. Earning the CMIT L4 demonstrates your continued growth and professional competence as a construction manager.

CMIT L4 Chart

*Experience in each of the functional practice areas of CM is defined as time spent working in that professional discipline. There is no CMIT requirement for this experience to be as responsible-in-charge (RIC). For more on RIC, please see the CCM Application Handbook.


Individuals must meet all the following qualifications to apply for the CMIT L4:

  • Complete all requirements for the CMIT Level 3 (application approved by CMCI, pass CMIT L3 exams, and provide L3 letters of experience).

Application Process

All applicants are required to read the CMIT L4 Handbook. Applications may be submitted online or using the PDF application in the accompanying Handbook.

CMIT L4 applications will not be processed until CMCI receives all portions of application sections 1-6 and the required fees. All CMIT L4 application fees are non-refundable.

CMIT Level 4 (CMIT L4)

Certificate Program Fees (US$)
Effective January 2, 2020

CMIT L4 ABOUT US Non-Member ABOUT US Member Active Duty U.S. Military
APPLICATION (includes study material and exam $215.00 $185.00 $0
REAPPLICATION (for expired application) $215.00 $185.00 $0

Examination Process

Candidates have one (1) year from when their CMIT L4 application was approved to pass the CMIT L4 examinations for project management, sustainability, and value engineering. Candidates are allowed three (3) attempts on each examination. Candidates also have one (1) year to complete the required soft skills training.

Candidates should consult the CMIT L4 Handbook for additional information about the examinations.
Letter(s) of Experience

Candidates have three (3) years from when the CMIT L4 application is submitted to provide a letter(s) of experience signed by the applicant’s supervisor, superior officer, or an active Certified Construction Manager® (CCM®).

Applicants must submit a signed letter of experience for each required construction management functional practice area:

  • Project Management*
  • Sustainability*
  • Value Engineering*

*More information on experience is available in the CMIT L4 Handbook.

Next Steps

Applicants who pass all the L4 examinations, complete the required soft skills training, and provide the necessary signed letter(s) of experience earn the CMIT L4 designation.