Bridge the Budgeting Gap (Improve your Capital Budgeting Process)

Thursday, August 15
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

A sound budgeting process is an essential attribute for every successful organization. In this webinar, we will review the issues that make this process especially challenging. Attendees will learn techniques and solutions to improve budget development and outcomes. A little effort upfront in understanding your organization’s development costs can pay huge dividends in executing a successful Capital Program. This webinar is a must for Owners, Program Managers, and Estimators who seek to improve this key metric.

About the speakers:

Rodney Percival, PE – Founder, Caproso LLC - Capital Program Solutions

Mr. Percival has over 30 years in the construction industry in the capacities of contractor, estimator, construction manager, project manager, and program cost manager. He has a wealth of estimating experience on commercial projects, as well as public. For the past two decades he has performed program management functions on some of the largest programs in the region including FAA Infrastructure, LAUSD Bond Program and LAX Capital improvement program. Several years ago he founded Capital Program Solutions. Caproso LLC develops collaborative online applications that simplify project budgeting and streamline the process of cost validation of construction change orders. He has a passion for training and creating tools for Owners and Consultants to improve cost outcomes. He has a passion for training and creating tools for Owners and Consultants to improve cost outcomes.

Andrew Kleimola – Managing Director of Estimating / SVP, Anser Advisory, Part of Accenture

Bringing over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Andrew’s expertise lies predominantly in estimating and project management, spanning both contractor and consultant roles. His experience extends across various construction contract delivery methods, including Construction Management at-Risk, CM Agency, Design-Build, and CM Multi-Prime, demonstrating a flexible approach to project requirements. A significant focus has been on airport construction projects, engaging in both horizontal and vertical construction aspects such as terminals, concourses, ground transportation centers, parking and CONRAC facilities, and central energy plants. Andrew has contributed estimating services to major airports, including MCO, CLT, SLC, PHX, LAX, DSM, and SMF, among others. He is the Managing Director of Estimating at Anser Advisory where his role centers on preconstruction services and cost estimating, offering estimating support to the Aviation Group, ensuring that estimates integrate effectively throughout the construction process, from budget development through the project and program lifecycle.

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